Prairies are the quintessential Texas landscape. It forged our cowboys, built our economy, fed us, and clothed us. In Houston, it played a huge role in our development, both culturally and economically
— Jaime González, Katy Prairie Conservancy


The Big Story
The coastal prairie ecosystem once blanketed more than 70% of what we now think of as Greater Houston. Now this vibrant ecosystem is imperiled. This module will help you better understand and teach about Houston's hidden heartland - the coastal prairie.

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TEKS-Correlated Prairie Lessons

  • Grasshopper Safari (Coming Soon)
  • Seed Balls (Coming Soon)
  • Prairie Time Machine (Coming Soon)
  • Deep in our Hearts (Coming Soon)
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Prairie History

Teacher Created Resources

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Coastal Prairie Maps

historical range of Coastal prairie in greater houston

historic range of the coastal Prairie ecosystem

Historic FIre Frequency for Houston was 1-3 years

Coastal Prairie Soundscapes

Downloadable Prairie Photos

Coastal Prairie Videos

Where to Find Prairie Plants for your School


  • Native American Seed Company of Junction, TX


Live Plants

  • Houston Audubon Society
  • Hannah Native Grasses
  • Morningstar Prairie Plants

Prairie Field Trip and Service Locations

  • Armand Bayou Nature Center
  • Buffalo Bayou Park
  • Katy Prairie Conservancy