Support the Katy Prairie Conservancy

By supporting the Katy Prairie Conservancy, you help to ensure that a significant portion of the Katy Prairie will be saved for wildlife and all Texans forever.

We are extremely grateful for your support!

If you prefer, you can also print and mail our contribution form with your personal check.

Proceeds from our shop go directly to the Katy Prairie Conservancy to help further our mission.

Other ways to support KPC

Round Up for Change

You can round up to the nearest dollar on your purchases and help support KPC! How Spare Change Donations Work:

Every time you make a purchase, your spare change will be rounded up and donated to the Katy Prairie Conservancy. Visit a coffee shop and spend $3.60… $.40 will be rounded up. Roundups are tallied until they reach $5. Once $5 is reached, the donation is triggered and your credit card or bank account is charged. This way, your bank statement doesn’t become overwhelmed with micro-charges. This is a simple and easy way to create change for KPC!

Will I receive a tax deductible receipt for my contribution?

You will receive automatic monthly statements of your contributions to the email address connected to your account. At the end of the year, you may print a year-end receipt of your annual donations by logging in and visiting your Settings. Please consult your authorized legal counsel as to the deductibility of your contributions as the rules vary state by state.

What if I would like to pause or set a limit on my contributions?

You can pause donations at any time by logging into your account and visiting your Donation Settings. You can also set a monthly limit. Roundup donations will halt once your contributions reach your monthly cap.

For more information or to sign up, click here.

The Reliant EcoShare Program

Katy Prairie Conservancy is pleased to be a part of The Reliant EcoShareSM, a way that Texans can support Katy Prairie Conservancy and offset their own carbon production at the same time. Reliant and EarthShare of Texas have launched a program that allows Reliant customers to help reduce their carbon footprints through the purchase of carbon offsets. For each customer-purchased offset, Reliant will make a contribution to EarthShare of Texas and its participating organizations, including KPC. For more information, click here.


Every time you make an Amazon purchase, make sure to do it through Amazon Smile. A portion of your purchase will go directly to KPC! Click on the logo below to accept the Katy Prairie Conservancy as your charity of choice

Donate by buying groceries

Katy Prairie Conservancy is a member of the Kroger Community Rewards and Randall’s Good Neighbor programs.

Each merchant will donate 1% of the money they receive every time you shop, at no cost to you, if KPC is associated with your Kroger Plus Card or with your Randall's Remarkable Card!

If you would like to know more about the Katy Prairie Conservancy's financial policies, practices,  and position, please click on the GuideStar link for access to KPC's annual reports, audited financial statements, letters of determination, and other documents. GuideStar is a project of Philanthropic Research, Inc. (PRI), a nonprofit organization.