MD Anderson Pocket Prairie Receives Award From Houston-Galveston Area Council

PNA Award Badge.jpg

The MD Anderson Pocket Prairie was announced the winner of the Houston-Galveston Area Council’s (H-GAC) Parks and Natural Areas Award in the Projects Under $500,000 category. The MD Anderson Pocket Prairie is a successful collaboration between MD Anderson, Asakura Robinson, and Katy Prairie Conservancy (KPC) working together to bring the prairie into the city.

According to Jaime González, Katy Prairie Conservancy’s Community Conservation Director, “The MD Anderson Pocket Prairie is a stellar example of the value of an urban pocket prairie, a gem that provides much-needed mental relaxation to physicians, nurses, caregivers, families and patients challenged by cancer care. You can hear the gentle hum of crickets and see migratory birds bounding in and out of the grasses, while spotting monarch butterflies alighting on colorful Texas wildflowers, sipping nectar that will help fuel their journey to México. We appreciate the recognition of H-GAC for our efforts.”

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The right prairie in the right place.

For Houston, the Katy Prairie Preserve is the right prairie in the right place. These protected lands west of the city play an important role in flood control, outdoor recreation, and wildlife habitat. But there is still prairie that remains unprotected. Our work is not done.