Land Conservation

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The urgent need to conserve land in the Greater Houston area is real. 

Houston’s growth is consuming thousands of acres of the Katy Prairie. Once lost, it will never be replaced and the loss of these lands threatens the well-being of people and wildlife in the region. Since 1992, KPC has been working to protect the prairie for people and wildlife.  

Once lost, the Katy Prairie will never be replaced.  And the loss of prairie lands – not just the Katy Prairie, but coastal prairie more broadly – threatens the well-being of both people and wildlife in the Houston region.  Protected lands serve our greater community by keeping land in agriculture for local farmers and ranchers, linking current generations to their natural heritage, and providing opportunities for people to connect with nature. The prairie is one of the last strongholds for wildlife in the region.  Finally, the protection and restoration of these lands plays an important role in regional flood control by absorbing and holding floodwaters from downstream Houston.

Our time is now to protect what remains of the prairie.

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