Great Grow Out

Want to volunteer, but can't make it out to the prairie? The Great Grow Out allows volunteers to grow plants in the comfort of their own home, and then return the seedlings to KPC for restoration projects!

Don't forget to keep a few for your garden!

NEW! Great Grow Out has expanded to include the entire plant growing cycle: Join us also to collect seeds, to clean and pack seeds, to take care of the potted plants at the KPC nursery (at the field office), and to put these plants in the ground on our planting days. Scroll down for year-round flyer.



2018 Seeds Available NOW!

If you'd like to be a part of this year's Great Grow Out, please fill out this form (click here for form) and seeds will be mailed to you. If you have any questions, email Lan Shen or call 713-523-6135. Each seed packet has enough seeds for 18, 4"X4" pots. 

Available seeds are listed below. To view photos and information about each plant, click the corresponding link. Scroll to the bottom of this page for additional photos.

Ready to return your seedlings for use in a restoration project? Email Lan, or give KPC a call at 713-523-6135!



Learn To Grow Plants

Don't have a green thumb but want to try growing natives? Take a look through our handbook or watch the videos below to get started!

Coastal Prairie Plant Growers Handbook - 2nd Edition - December 2010



Videos for Growers:


Participate in a seed collecting trip

We host seed collecting trips throughout the year. Email Lan if you are interested in seed collecting. 

 Seed Collecting at Memorial Park Prairie

Seed Collecting at Memorial Park Prairie

 Seed Collecting at Nash Prairie

Seed Collecting at Nash Prairie

Great Grow Out is now an all year round activity!

To participate or for more information, email Lan, or give KPC a call at 713-523-6135!

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Species information cards 

Click on one of the species cards below for more detailed information about how each species benefits people and wildlife! 



Past and Present Grow Out Species

                   Splitbeard Bluestem

                 Splitbeard Bluestem