Prairie Restoration

Restoring prairie is restoring life.

The restoration of prairie lands restores life and provides numerous benefits for the land, people and wildlife.

Yes, the prairie slows down floodwater, filters stormwater run-off, sequesters carbon, and is home to hundreds of birds and other species. But there is nothing like the intrinsic connection one feels when experiencing the prairie first-hand, whether as a visitor or as a resident.

The Katy Prairie Conservancy has restored 3,000 acres of wetlands and is now restoring and improving grasslands including on our own properties, the Indiangrass Preserve, Shrike Prairie, and other showcase prairies. Stream mitigation projects and sustainable grazing are also important parts of our prairie preserve restoration program.

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Native Grasslands Restoration

Sustainable Grazing

Wetlands & Streams

Community Involvement in Restoration