Want to Plant Natives?

There are so many great reasons to incorporate native plants into your yard or garden.  They are hardy and can survive extreme heat or cold, drought, and wind.  Once established, native plants usually require little or no irrigation or fertilization.  They are resistant to many pests and diseases so you will not need pesticides or herbicides.  Native plants when mixed together can provide year-round color and beauty, and provide food and homes for the birds, bees, and butterflies.  

KPC has collaborated with other organizations to create the 9 Natives program, which helps to promote the value of native plants to pollinators, and how these native plants are part of the important prairie landscape.  By bringing bits of the prairie into the city, individuals and families can help support pollinators and learn about the historic coastal prairie landscape.  KPC has produced a video and supporting materials that demonstrate how to create a pollinator garden and how this will make a difference for local wildlife throughout the city. 

When planning the number and types of native plants to add to your garden, it is helpful to see other gardens containing native plants that can demonstrate the size and shape of the plants.  Come visit the 9 Natives Showcase Garden that was created at the Houston Museum of Natural Science outside the Cockrell Butterfly Center! This showcase garden is a fantastic example of what a nine natives garden can look like in your yard or garden.

Native plants help absorb water, feed native wildlife, and give us a sense of place. Here are a few resources to get you growing native!

Click the image below to read more information about planting nine natives in your home!