Corporate Partners

KPC has many corporate partners that help us in a variety of ways. From donations to volunteer days, we are so grateful for all you do to help us protect and restore the prairie.

Corporate Volunteer Days help KPC accomplish important pieces of prairie restoration work that we could not do on our own.  Helping to restore creek bed habitat, harvest prairie seeds, remove invasive vegetation to encourage native growth, clear fencing, and assist in the KPC native nursery are all volunteer activities that immensely help with prairie restoration work. 

From classes of high school students to teams of corporate employees, our volunteers are a wonderful mix who come from all over the Greater Houston Area.  Whether clearing a fence or helping in the native nursery, our flexible workday programs mean that we put the community’s resources to excellent use and make the most of our volunteer manpower. 

Let us know if we can set up a Corporate Volunteer Day for you! Email or call us at 7113.523.6135 x. 4012.