Wetlands & Streams

Wetland Restoration

Restoring and enhancing prairie depression wetlands consistent with the historic wetlands of the prairie is another important part of KPC’s restoration work. The prairie has been significantly altered over the last century from intensive agricultural practices, and water movement and storage capacity have been altered through the use of land leveling, ditches, dikes, and berms.  Sites in need of restoration lack the variety of species that once existed across the Katy Prairie as the prairie wetland system has been lost.  Upland areas between the depressional wetlands are restored to include areas of tallgrass prairie and prairie/pimple mounds, which were a common component of the Katy Prairie prior to European settlement.

Once restored, these wetlands filter water and improve water quality, and provide foraging, roosting, and nesting habitat for resident and migratory waterfowl, shorebirds, and upland species.  The prairie’s wetlands also play an important role in storm water absorption, which reduces flooding, pollutants, and sediment loads in watershed runoff. 


KPC continues the enhancement of more than 70,000 linear feet of stream on the Warren Ranch, which has resulted in a more sinuous stream, better water holding capacity, improved water quality, and enhanced native vegetation.