Virtually Wild

KPC is collaborating with U.S. Fish & Wildlife, The Nature Conservancy, the Region 4 Education Service Center, and the MD Anderson Children’s Cancer Hospital school to present Virtually Wild, virtual field trip experiences created to bring to life wildlife stories from the region. These virtual experiences come live from the field with the help of biologists, storytellers, animal rehabilitators, bird experts, and others.  This innovative new program brings the outside to students inside at local public and hospital schools. In the next year, two new Virtually Wild field trips will be filmed on the Katy Prairie Preserve.  Past virtual field trips have included stories of the Monarch Butterfly migration and the Screech Owl. As this program grows, KPC expects many additional schools to participate in each Virtually Wild Tour.  Region 4 serves a seven-county area comprised of 49 public school districts and 39 open-enrollment charter schools, representing more than 1.1 million students, 94,000 educators, and 1,500 campuses.