The Katy Prairie is a fascinating and ever-changing landscape. Our videos will help you keep up with some of the happenings, wildlife, and people that make the Katy Prairie Flat Out Wonderful

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Airboat ride on the Katy Prairie

KPC staff and Waller County Game Warden Kevin Glass monitor waterfowl and other wildlife of KPC's Mary Manor Preserve in late summer.

I Love Birding the Katy Prairie

One birder takes a break from the annual Christmas Bird Count to reflect on why she loves birding the Katy Prairie.

Katy Prairie Flooding Sharp Road

The Katy Prairie was inundated by 8" inches of rain on April 28th and the following is the result of this flooding rain on April 30th.

Katy Prairie Development 1800s-2000s

A movie which depicts the growth (pink) on the Katy Prairie since the 1800s

Texas Prairie Dawn

Wesley Newman, Katy Prairie Conservancy Land Manager, shows off the endangered Texas Prairie Dawn wildflower

2009 Katy Prairie Bioblitz

Professional and amateur naturalists ventured into the field on May 9, 2009 to count as many species of living organisms as they could in one 24-hour period. They catalogued over 200 different species including bald eagle and river otter.

Houston Audubon Honors Katy Prairie

Houston Audubon Society recently honored the Katy Prairie Conservancy's prairie conservation efforts. This video is a tribute to the hard work and dedication of KPC, its Board, its Staff, and its wonderful volunteers (the Rangers).

The Last Stand: Saving the Coastal Prairie - Texas Parks and Wildlife

The pristine coastal prairie landscape is disappearing at a rapid rate in Texas. Once covering millions of acres, less than a tenth of a percent of the original prairie remains. But there is a movement underway to turn things around.

Youth Duck Hunting - Texas Park and Wildlife

Kids near Houston go duck hunting for the 1st time on a special youth hunt. More on Texas hunting at