2018 Board of Directors

Mark Klein, Chairman

Darryl Anderson, Vice-Chairman

Christopher Patton, Treasurer

Paige Navarro, Secretary

Foster Carter, Chairman Emeritus

Kevin Bartol

Stephen E. Gast

J. Tynan (Ty) Kelly

Jocelyn Kerr

2018 Advisory Board of Directors

David Poteet

Katharyn Reiser

Fred Smeins

Carter Smith

William T. Snypes

Roger A. Soape

Maryann Young

William J. Anderson, Jr.

Fred Collins

Jim Gregory

Bob Honig

John Jacob

Thomas R. Kelsey

Hardy Murchison

Lynn Paulsen

KPC Staff


Mary Anne Piacentini

President and CEO

Email Mary Anne

Phone: 713-523-6135 ext 4003



Elisa Donovan

Vice President and General Counsel 

Email Elisa

Phone: 713-523-6135 ext 4004


Wesley Newman

Conservation Director

Email Wesley

Phone: 713-523-6135 ext 4007


Ryan Middleton

Stewardship Manager

Email Ryan

Phone: 713-523-6135 ext 4008


Ali Dodson

Advancement Director

Email Ali

Phone: 713-523-6135 ext 4012


Morgan Maples

Marketing and Development Associate

Email Morgan

Phone: 713-523-6135 ext 4005

Warren Ranch Staff


Sam Reese

Ranch Manager

Email Sam


Part-time Staff and Interns

  • Cynthia Cedeño, Accounting. Email Cynthia. Phone: 713-523-6135 ext 4011

  • Allen Brymer, Conservation Stewardship Program Manager. Email Allen. Phone: 713-523-6135 ext 4009

  • Lan Shen, Seed Collection Manager & Great Grow Out Coordinator. Email Lan. Phone: 713-523-6135 ext 4014

  • Ilsi Bazaldua, Project Assistant. Email Ilsi