Ryan Middleton, Stewardship Manager

Email Ryan at rmiddleton@katyprairie.org

(713) 523-6135 ext. 4008

Ryan is responsible for helping manage and maintain KPC owned property, including identification of and budgeting for property management, maintenance, and monitoring activities. He also assists with the development and updating of property management plans and their implementation. Working out of the field office, Ryan works of a variety of stewardship activies including prairie and wetland restorations projects, conducting wildlife surveys, developing volunteer projects and landowner outreach.

Mr. Middleton received a Master of Science in Natural Resource Ecology and Management (2015) from Oklahoma State University and a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies (2010) from the University of Oklahoma.

Mr. Middleton has worked on prairie restoration projects across the country and his interests include landscape ecology, wildlife habitat restoration, the relationship of prescribed fire and grazing for the restoration of prairie landscapes, and land protection.