Prairie Research

Sound research and science is the backbone to good prairie conservation and restoration work.

At the Katy Prairie Conservancy, we support and engage science-based research programs that identify the ways grasslands and wetlands provide important benefits to our growing regional area. We work with scientists, ecologists, biologists and area universities by providing access to our Preserves to accommodate faculty and student research and support research for the reintroduction of endemic species onto the prairie and programs that explore the enhancement of wildlife habitat.  We also participate in economic impact and benefit studies to aid in planning and policy guidance. You’ll also find KPC working on long-term projects such as the Cypress Creek Overflow project helping to explore ways to reduce flood risk in our region.

Flood Mitigation

Western Chicken Turtle

Crawfish Frog

Nutritional Ecology of Female Northern Pintails Along the Texas Coast

Plains Spotted Skunk

Economic Impact and Benefits Study and Companion Mobility Study

Reintroduction of Species

Role of Grasshopper Diversity in Rangeland Ecosystems