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Birds on the prairie

Prairie Preserves

The Katy Prairie Conservancy (KPC) owns and manages 14 preserves. Together these preserves cover more than 13,000 acres of habitat just west of Houston, Texas. Each preserve has a unique history, geology, and wildlife community.

We hope that you enjoy your visit to the prairie.

Please observe these simple rules:

  • Minors must be accompanied by an adult.
  • No firearms, alcohol, hunting, smoking allowed.
  • No dogs or other domesticated animals.
  • Do not feed wildlife.
  • No loud music or noise, as it disturbs the wildlife
  • Help protect our wildlife - stay on the trails
  • Leave no trace - help us keep our preserves clean!

Please note that not all of KPC's preserves are open to public, click for open hours

Warren Ranch

Warren Ranch

Check out our directions for Warren Ranch Preseves :

Directions to Warren Ranch - Headquarters
Directions to Warren Ranch Rock - Hollow Creek Entrance
Directions to Warren Ranch - South Entrance

For directions in html please visit our Warren Ranch Directions page.

Nelson Farms

Nelson Farms

The Nelson Farms Preserve is a hub of activity for farming, educational programming, and wildlife activity. There is a magnificent mosaic of landscapes found on the preserve, including over 200 acres of rice fields, a creek-side forest, native Coastal Prairie remnants, and restored wetlands. Read on

Please visit our page for Nelson Farms Directions

Mary Manor Mary Manor

The Mary Manor Preserve is a wetland wonderland sporting over two hundred acres of wetland, an upland grassland, and clear views of the wide-open prairie horizon. On a clear day on Mary Manor, you can see the Williams Tower in the Galleria Area. Read on

Please visit our page for Mary Manor Directions.

Indiangrass preserve

Indiangrass Preserve (KPC's Field Office located here.)

Directions to Indiangrass Preserve

For directions in html please visit our Indiangrass Preserve Directions page.

Warren Lake

Matt Cook Memorial Wildlife Viewing Platform

The Matt Cook Wildlife Viewing Platform is a stunning, two-story structure overlooking KPC’s 140-acre Warren Lake, which teems with wildlife year around. Read on.

Directions to Matt Cook Memorial Wildlife Viewing Platform.

  Please check out our map for Katy Prairie Conservancy's preserves.
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