Prairie Builders Schools + Parks

I create a sense of place ● I link nature and culture ● I restore wildlife habitat ● I study science and math outdoors ● I nurture living history ● I build peaceful spaces ● I help pollinators ● I show Texas pride ● I clean the air ● I reduce water usuage ● I’m a PRAIRIE BUILDER

The Prairie Builders Schools & Parks (PBSP) program is designed to empower our partners to build and use pocket prairies on school campuses and public parks. These prairies become bridges for learning about prairie science, history, culture, economics, and global environmental stewardship. Further, these prairies energize school communities and preserve a lasting location where students can interact with the land. KPC provides technical guidance in restoration and education, funding, and even interpretive training to partnering institutions. PBSP has helped to bring prairies back to over 25 school campuses in 5 school districts, Hermann and Buffalo Bayou Parks, the Texas Medical Center and other venues!


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