Mobility Issues

2018 Update on the Waller County Transportation Plan

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We anticipate that the proposed plan will include a recommendation for a major north-south thoroughfare that would bisect the Katy Prairie Preserve system and we need your help to attend the meeting or submit comments.

The following talking points summarize Katy Prairie Conservancy’s views on any new road through the preserve properties:

  • Land Fragmentation. Unfragmented and contiguous lands are critical to the wildlife populations that live on the Katy Prairie. Land fragmentation impacts not only the landowners, but also the many plants and animals that live on the prairie and may impact ther lands in rural areas. Smaller degraded fragments do not support the diverse wildlife communities that flourish on larger undeveloped and undivided areas. Connections between habitat reas are extremely important to maintaining healthy populations, and a thoroughfare across the preserve will disrupt those connections.
  • Wildlife Disturbance. The Katy Prairie is in the Central Flyway, and the over 20,000 acres that the Katy Prairie Conservancy has protected have been designated a Global Important Bird Area by National Audubon. Many birds and other prairie nimals are sensitive to light, sound, and vibration and would be driven away by the construction and operation of any new roadway to cut a new path through any of PC's conserved lands.
  • Destruction of Habitat. The land on which the thoroughfare would be constructed provides extraordinary habitat, including prairies and wooded creeks, which would be both destroyed and greatly altered by a roadway and associated infrastructure.
  • Quality of Life Impact. In addition to the benefit the Katy Prairie Preserve system provides to wildlife, it also offers amazing benefits to the public by improving air and water quality, providing nearby agricultural products, and offering much needed recreational opportunities; all of which improve the quality of life for Waller County residents. These benefits would be degraded by a new roadway affecting the preserve.
  • Not Needed. Traffic projections from H-GAC do not indicate any need for roads through the preserve, even by year 2040.
  • Revision Requested. We request no new roads should be included within or across the Katy Prairie Preserve.

Katy Prairie Conservancy appreciates that HGAC is conducting an open process and taking into consideration the interests of multiple stakeholders. This process has resulted in the removal of several east-west roads that were formerly included in the plan; these revisions show coordination with Harris County's transportation plans, and recognition that Katy Prairie Conservancy lands, which have been permanently protected as open greenspace, will never be developed.

The public is invited to provide comments as part of the review process. We encourage you to make a personalized statement that reflects your interest in protecting the Katy Prairie Preserve system.

You may submit written comments through the HGAC website here.

2018 Update on the 2045 RTP - the Regional Transportation Plan for the entire Houston-Galveston area 

The RTP will guide transportation investment priorities for the region to improve safety, mobility, state of good repair, economic competitiveness and quality of life. HCAG is inviting the public to submit comments as the 2-45 RTP Planning process begins, and your input is important as the planners determine whether to include roads through the Katy Prairie Preserve in the plan.

Comments may be submitted on the 2045 RTP website here.

If you are able to send in comments, please send us a copy of what you submit or tell us about your experience at the meetings either on Facebook or by emailing appreciate your support of the Katy Prairie Conservancy and its work to protect the beauty and diversity of the Katy Prairie.