Where to purchase seeds and plants for your 9 native garden

Houston Audubon Native Nursery

Native American Seed 

Buchanan's Native Plants

Joshua's Native Plants

Morning Star Prairie Plants

Plant Sales

  • Native Plant Society of Texas, Houston Chapter - Annual Wildscapes Workshop (September)

  • Mercer Arboretum's March Mart - March each year.

Landscape Architects, Designers, & Resources

Clark Condon Associates

  • Architect: Beth Clark, (713) 871-1414

Asakura Robinson

  • Architect: Keiji Asakura, (713) 337 5830

Bella Terra Landscape Resources

Applied Habitats

  • Designer: Scott Barnes, e-mail Scott: sbarnes@appliedhabitats.com

KPC has no affiliation with, nor does KPC endorse any of the entities listed above. This listing will be updated as additional information is received regarding other sources for native plants.